Allergen Information

Food Allergies and Intolerances

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Our products may contain nuts (including Hazelnuts and peanuts) and may contain traces of Sesame

Products and their allergen content:

Piu Nutella: Gluten (Wheat and Barley), Egg, Milk, Nuts (Hazelnuts), Soya

Red Velvet: Gluten (Wheat), Egg, Milk

Death by Chocolate: Gluten (Wheat), Egg, Milk, Soya

Vanilla glazed: Gluten (Wheat), Egg, Milk

Peanut butter & Jam (PB+J): Gluten (Wheat), Egg, Milk, Nuts (Hazelnuts), Peanut

The Homer: Gluten (Wheat), Egg, Milk

Ferrero Rafaello: Gluten (Wheat), Egg, Milk, Nuts (Hazelnuts), Soya, Sulphur Dioxide

Salted Caramel Pretzel: Gluten (Wheat and Barley), Egg, Milk, Nuts (Hazzelnuts), Peanut, Soya

Mr. Rocher: Gluten (Wheat), Egg, Milk, Nuts (Hazzelnuts), Peanut, Soya

Amazing Biscoff: Gluten (Wheat), Egg, Milk, Soya

Snickers: Gluten (Wheat), Egg, Milk, Nuts (Hazzelnuts), Peanut, Soya

Bueno & Dulce de Leche: Gluten (Wheat), Egg, Milk, Nuts (Hazzelnuts), Soya

Salted Caramel: Gluten (Wheat), Egg, Milk

My Minty Aero: Gluten (Wheat), Egg, Milk, Soya

Nestle Rolo: Gluten (Wheat), Egg, Milk, Soya

Rondnoir & Coffee: Gluten (Wheat), Egg, Milk, Nuts (Hazzelnuts), Soya

Oreo: Gluten (Wheat), Egg, Milk, Soya

Easter Bunny: Gluten (Wheat), Egg, Milk, Nuts (Hazzelnuts), Soya

Cookie Mess: Gluten (Wheat), Egg, Milk, Nuts, Soya

Mars Landing: Gluten (Wheat and Barley), Egg, Milk, Soya

Raspberry Pavloba: Gluten (Wheat), Egg, Milk

Kitkat Fudge: Gluten (Wheat), Egg, Milk, Soya

Jamming Bob: Gluten (Wheat), Egg, Milk

Biscofella: Gluten (Wheat), Egg, Milk, Nuts, Peanut, Sesame Seeds, Soya

Lemon Curd: Gluten (Wheat), Egg, Milk

Dolce Vita: Gluten (Wheat), Egg, Milk, Nuts, Soya

Ginger and nuts: Gluten (Wheat), Egg, Milk, Nuts, Soya

Reeses: Gluten (Wheat), Egg, Milk, Nuts, Peanuts, Soya