This box includes: Pui nutella, Red Velvet, Death by chocolate, Vanilla glazed, Reese's, The homer


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This box is great for chocolate lovers who enjoy the classic ones as well.  

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Piu Nutella: Fluffy doughnut filled with Nutella, topped with vanilla glazing, Nutella drizzle, coco pops  and Biscoff crumbs

Red Velvet: Red velvet doughnut topped with vanilla frosting and red velvet cake crumbs

Death by Chocolate: Chocolate doughnut topped with chocolate frosting and chocolate cake crumbs

Vanilla glazed: Fluffy doughnut topped with vanilla glazing

Muy Reese's: Fluffy doughnut filled with soft peanut buttercream, topped with our signature chocolate icing, crushed peanuts, and one Reese's cup on top

The Homer: Fluffy doughnut topped with pink sugar glaze and sugar sprinkles